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How Greenery works for the Employees in a workspace

When we think of a workspace - we think of computers, the clicking of the keyboards, the LED screens, dim lighting, cubicles, coffee machines, meeting rooms, targets, the daily grind… To put it in one simple word - “Sameness”.

Here’s why you need to rent a plant

You might be an established corporate, a mid-sized business owner or recently started off as an entrepreneur but a common lookout in each and every career phase is to enhance possibilities of better brand positioning in the industry.

Breathe Fresh Air Indoors with these Houseplants

More often than not, a visit to the doctor these days unfolds like this – The doctor rebukes us and says that the cause of our sickness lies in our high-octane lifestyle where everything comes first except our own health. And, we can’t help

This powerful natural element can work wonders for your workspace

If you have ever been to a forest, the first thing that captures your sensitivities is the dense cover of huge trees. Their roots are firmly fixed on the ground but the positive aura they create around them is spread all around

Vertical Gardens can help achieve a Corporate Greenspace

Workplaces that consist of plants and greenery are beautiful, attractive and have health benefits as well. Corporates are now realising the benefits of having their teams working in a natural environment. Albeit with limited office spaces

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