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A Glimpse in to Index 2018

From Architects, Interior Designers and Homeowners to Partners, we came across several people who had been looking for specific gardening products and solutions. A platform like INDEX helped us create a unique experience for all the visitors

Specimen Trees Can Work Wonders for Your Workspace

If you have ever been to a forest, the first thing that captures your sensitivities is the dense cover of huge trees. Their roots are firmly fixed on the ground but the positive aura they create around them is spread all around, not to forget the influence they have on you

Indoor Office Plants to Transform Corporate Structures into Living Frameworks

Plants can do wonders for your corporate workspaces. They are natural transmitters of oxygen and bring along organic solutions for most physical and psychological ailments that have shackled most of our lives.

How Plants Can Make Corporate Gifting More Natural?

Everyone loves gifts. Gifting someone something they need or will love is a great way of building strong connections. In fact, the art of gifting is immensely natural and intimate, yet it works even in a corporate set up, where corporates can strive to be more humane with gifting.

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